Is it possible to send a sms via twillo to mutiplte users without zapier?

I have the number list formatted like " 1xxxxxxxxxx, 1xxxxxxxxxx, 1xxxxxxxxxx, 1xxxxxxxxxx" and I’m getting “Send SMS message: {“code”: 21211, “message”: “Invalid ‘To’ Phone Number”, “more_info”: “Invalid 'To' Phone Number | Twilio”, “status”: 400}”

You should be able to use the Twilio integration. You can probably also use the new API action to do that too.

This is a related thread on StackOverflow. What I understand is you must have multiple ToBinding objects, which might not be natively possible with the Glide Twilio integration.

I’m not sure if you can present those --data-urlencode parts in the Call API action.

What I usually use for this is, send a webhook payload with the list of numbers and the message, then iterate over the array of numbers to send.

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