📣 Testers needed: Send Email action

Yes, I am. Does that exclude me?


Bugga. Oh well…

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@david I have just upgraded my App to Pro. Can you enable Send Email on my Account as well to test? Thanks

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Can we not just have the button send it via google since most people would be logged into google? This would save money and we already have the scripts to do it. Converting directly over to Java wouldn’t take but an hour maybe less.

yes please

@Mauronic Hi, just interested to know if you had chance to test this? If so how did it go?

Hi @Rosewebstudio, some more pressing app design stuff came up and I had to de-prioritize testing this

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@Mauronic Thanks…good to be busy :slight_smile: but not too busy I hope…

I don’t wanna give people ideas… but can’t this be done with zapier? For free?

Zapier also has its limits for free tier, and Glide as well if you want a direct connection between the two. If you wanna scale up the Send Email action would be a good option to go forward, in my opinion.



I agree, anything that can be built and supported in glide is always my preference :+1:


Bonjour David, puis-je tester l’option? Merci d’avance

Are there short term plans to allow sending of these emails from a non-glide email address?



No timescales given, yet

Is this now available? Bulk emails too?

Latest :+1:

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@Rosewebstudio :grinning: :+1:

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I have a private pro app and I want to send 3 Emails when a submit form action is performed, have set up the send email action, but emails are not getting sent.

Please help.

So you’re using an “on submit” action? I don’t have a Private Pro app to test, but I would advise using a custom form to see if it works.