Templates - error 500

Describe the bug:

On the Glide template page (No-Code App Templates - Create Customizaable Apps Without Coding | Glide), it’s not possible anymore to preview one and “copy template to my apps”. Error 500 found :
There’s no way to have a preview (tested on Firefox and Chrome)

  • This Serverless Function has crashed.
    Your connection is working correctly.
    Vercel is working correctly.
    500: INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR Code: FUNCTION_INVOCATION_FAILED ID: cdg1::dpr5r-1705580734470-018140fa752e
  • If you are a visitor, contact the website owner or try again later.
  • If you are the owner, [learn how to fix the error]/FUNCTION_INVOCATION_FAILED) and [check the logs]

Expected behavior:

  • Preview the template // Add a app with the template

How to replicate:

  • List the steps, in detail, for recreating the issue

Confirmed. Will bring this to the attention of the Glide Team. Thanks for reporting :+1:

any other way to get the template I’m looking for ?

It’s been reported, and its a serious breakage. I expect it will probably be fixed fairly quickly. I’d say keep an eye on this thread.


I’ve been informed that this has been fixed.

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thanks !