Template Showing Image Address instead


I am trying to show the relating Image for each Stage of the process.

  1. Stage Table for different stages with relating Image
  2. In Main Task page, one Stage Column relating to this Stage Column depending.
  3. Image will be shown in a Template in Main Task Page

Instead of showing the image, the link will be shown.

Thanks for any advise in advance.

More info here

Are you using that in a Rich Text component?

If you are, the way to get your image to display would be by wrapping the URL in an <IMG> tag

So try changing your template to something like this:

pos . <img src="start"> date

You might find that you need to fiddle with the sizing to get it right. Refer to the below:

HI Thanks for your prompt reply.

Tried but not working

You wont see the image in the data editor, but have you tried using that template column in a Rich Text component?

Do you mean relating this Template Column to a rich text component?

Don’t think i can put the image into the rich text component via if - else - column?

No. I mean adding a rich text component to your screen layout, and using the template column as the source.

You didn’t say how you plan to use it, so I made a guess.

If you’re planning to use it in any other type of component, it won’t work.


This is the main page of in a line list.

ah, I see.
Okay, so that won’t work.
But I see that you are already using the stageimage as the Image in the Inline List.
You also want the image in the details section?
I’m afraid that’s not possible. The closest you can get is to use an emoji.

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Thanks anyway!