Template Not Approved (Feedback not understood)

Please I need help if anyone has experience, I don’t fully understand the feedback received regarding my template.

1.- For emails, use @example.com
in the Template Store Guidelines it says use dummy data & I used dummy emails. Do I have to update them all to @example.com domain. That would mean i would have to update a lot of other dummy data in the template as old emails are connected to placed orders. whats the problem with dummy fake emails with a URL that doesn’t exist.

2.- Don’t use image components by “hot linking” an image:
does it mention that in the Template Store Guidelines? does the image have to live in the Google Sheet or Glide Table? I have a table for images, but adding the image URL which is hosted in Glide makes the image load way faster than loading it through creating a relation to the image table and then displaying the image.

3.- Delete logo and add an obviously placeholder logo.
I don’t get this point at all. i have a very clear logo in the app.

which part you don’t understand? you cant use real emails… real logos… or hosting images outside Glide ?

but i didn’t use real emails, i didn’t use real logos, and i didn’t host any images outside Glide

it has to be really visible that is fake

i designed my own logo, made up the name of the store, i used fake emails ending with the store name, and i made sure the domain didn’t exist, i also hosted all my images on glide

please i don’t understand? can you explain to me what has to be really visible or fake?

change emails to let say user1l@example.com logo with FAKE LOGO sign… do not attach links to images… Glide wont check if is real or not… it has to be obvious… your image looks real… i would not know is fake… use image like a square with text… YOUR LOGO HERE

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thank you, I get what your saying. but i am a bit lost here, I hope i don’t have to go through major updates to the template, is there anyone from the Template Approval Team that can connect and verify these 3 points with me? or at least the logo & the emails.

as for the images, are we strictly not allowed to attach links to images in templates? In doesn’t mention anything like this in the guidelines

i dont think they have a man power to individually explain to each customer each problem

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As Uzo said…
1.- @example.com for all emails.
2.- Clearly placeholder logo. You used some domain for both emails and logos.
3.- We’ll add the attaching images in the component to the guidelines, but that’s definitely not a best practice.


Thank you for the reply, i might be wrong but you could be the one reviewing the template, if so thank you for your time.

  1. I will update all emails to @example.
  2. I didn’t use any domain, but anyways should i just change the logo to Glide Handmade Soap instead? would that be fine?

3rd question is open for the community if anyone has advice for me
3. what practice is best

  • to create a table in the data editor just for images and relate it to every other table?
  • or a column for image duplicated on every row (template column or image column)

dont think Glide will like putting Glide name on your logo :wink:
to make you happy… i will tell you that non of my templets ever got approved…lol
i’am selling mine on social media… here on forum… advertising on Google… this way i take full responsibility for my product and maybe have more sales than i would have in Glide templates store

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i just saw your message, will go with [your logo here] etc… thank you for your help.

2.- There were links pointing to saboon.com. What happens when/if that domain has an owner? That’s something we should be careful about. About the logo… why not an image that says logo?
3.- Image should be uploaded to your db, you can use a single value to “bring” them into the app.


I have updated all emails and removed hot linked images and placed a logo placeholder instead of the logo I had.

Made a few design changes. Hope the template is ready to go.

Thank You!

@Nordi , just waiting for the template to be approved again after I fixed a few small issues. Not sure really how long that will take.

Bummer, hopefully the approval will come very quickly! We all have been waiting very patiently for your template… :wink: