Template for customized text message

Hi all

I hope everyone is well! I’m having a few difficulties with the app I am building. Users have to fill a few forms before they are redirected to a list of contacts they can choose to contact by text messages. I’d like to create a template text message that could be customized with the answers filled in the forms. The next step would be for the prefilled text to be transferred as a text message, ready to be sent to the provided contact. Is there any solution to this?

Thank you very much for your help!

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you can create a link with the parameters

sms: [, ]? body = * [& = ]
sms: + 33123456789, + 33987654321
sms: +33123456789? body = hello% 20you

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or use a Phone component, there is a Message parameter


This should be it. If I recall right you can point a template column to that.

Also I think we should make sure the spaces are replaced by escape character (%20).