Template date data not pulling through to email body

My app’s URL: Cant show as has customer data

Hi, have created a template field in the editor. It includes a date field. The template data is used to populate the body of an email. The data shows in the editor fine, however it does not pull through to the email. (all other fields from the template appears to be fine)

Data editor showing date.

Screenshot 2020-06-23 at 10.39.51

Email, date not populated.

Thank you…

Does it work if you first move the date to it’s own template, then include that template in your email body template?

How do you access the data to put into the mail?
This isn’t available in Sheets,… so how do you manage to take glide columns to 3rd parties?

(or I’m missing something)

I will check soon and report back, thanks

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Create a template, add in the fields you want then use the add the new template column as the body of the email, easy for a professional like you :slight_smile:

Ooooh you mean as a mailto: link,… I get it.
I thought you were emailing from like mailchimp, syncing the data from Glide to a mail platform. And then using the template column wouldn’t be available.

Sorry, this doesn’t help you any closer to why it’s not showing for you. What @Jeff_Hager suggested is a great way to get to the next step.

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You got it :slight_smile: