Telegram Channel Hover Link Button

Any chance of getting a Telegram Hover Link Button that would allow for users to quickly join a Telegram channel?

Everything I know about Telegram I learned in the last 5 min so with that in mind… Isn’t it just a link to launch? Couldn’t you just provide a Button with that link?

Yes you can I’m already doing that, however a prominent official Telegram logo floating button that stays persistent across all tabs until either the user closes it or clicks through would be much more preferable

Can’t be too hard to do

I can’t imagine there would be a large demand or need for this with the users of Glide. Plus they already have a ton of things that would take precedence over something this specialized. Maybe if a lot of users like your post it may get some traction but I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for it.

The idea of a floating button that has a configurable shape (not necessarily full width) is a decent thought. Could also be used as a floating “top” arrow for easy navigating to the top of a page (accessibility in mind).

I know lol. A guy can dream can’t he? You get 0% if the things in life you don’t ask for. :grin:

Now we’re talking!