Change user profil

I would like to change what is written in the “Voir profile” part of the attachment but I can’t figure out how to do it, could you help me?
I would also like to have a floating button for a live chat on a glide page, is this possible?

Neither is natively possible at the moment.


Hello, you said natively, could you explain me how to do it not natively?

You’d need to upgrade your account to business plan (Glide • Pricing) in order to change the menu text via CSS. Floating button style is not yet available for Glide Apps. It should be available soon.

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For the text menu I managed to find another solution (the language of the text menu changes according to the browser language).
For the floating button it can’t be done with css on a glide page because it’s available in glide app but I need it in page

Glide Apps was renamed Glide Classic Apps.
Glide Pages was renamed Glide Apps.

Floating button

  • Floating buttons are available as a native feature in Glide Classic Apps.
  • Floating buttons are not available as a native feature in Glide Apps on the Free, Starter, and Pro plans. To achieve floating buttons, you would need to use CSS which is available in Business and Entreprise plans.

Thank you for that, then I will have another question. I would like to have a live chat available on my Glide app is it possible? If yes how to do that knowing that I can only use the starter pack so I can’t css

What features do you need to have on your live chat?

The live chat would be a web embed from a site like just 'd like to have the location as on the pj and not on a tab
I wanted a glide page to look like this (see pj 2)

Can you elaborate more here? What is the “PJ”?

If is available to be embedded, you can use a web embed component for it.

At the moment, there’s no floating button in Glide Apps (formerly Pages), once it is available, maybe you can add a floating button that opens an overlay, then put the web embed component on there.

PJ = attachment.

I think Dorian meant “As shown in the screenshot”

If you are on New Apps/Pages you could try the Intercom or Zendesk integration… from the docs it looks like they both have a widget that works in Glide.

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