Embedding items into GlidePages - is it now possible?

I built a glide app and glide page (assemblycare.org) several months ago. At that time it did not seem possible to embed things like PayPal buttons or other items. On our old website we used a customer chat system from drift.com. How can I use something like (drift.com) or really any equivalent chat popup on my GlidePage site?

I don’t know if as a popup, but now we have the webview component in Glide pages as we have in apps!

Ok… that’s a big plus. Trying to think how that would work. With most chat apps there is a bit of script that sits in the head of your site. The chat icon floats in the bottom right. Person clicks and and away they go.

Would I have to create a “fake” chat button in header or footer of every page and if a person clicks it it would take them to a web view page? Would that be the way to work it? Just trying to think out loud here.

Is there a way to make the button float at the bottom right of the screen so if a person scrolls it stays there?

Yeah, probably this is the way.

With Pages, no, not at the moment. Floating buttons only exist in Apps for now.