Targeting a filtered view with variables in the url

Can we target filtered views of collections by adding variables in the URL ?

For example, If I have on a page a collection with several filters available, is there a way to target that page and a filtered view of that collection by adding some variables inside the URL ?


Assuming that you’re using custom filtering, then yes I think that could be possible.
You could use the Get Part of URL column to extract the query parameters, and then work those into your filtering logic. I’ve not actually tried this, but in theory I think it should work.

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I’m going to try this too. I’m after something like shared views in Airtable - whereby each view of that data has its own settings for which fields are shown, sorting, filtering and grouping etc.

Was planning on setting up a table with a name for each “view” - then a final field for the URL / link to the actual page - which would be set for each view.

But this would be better. I could have a field for each filter then use a template to generate the URL.

But if the user navigates to another screen and go back, then I believe the URL will be stripped. So please be careful with that approach.

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