Issue filtering a collection

I have a very frustrating issue, that I suspect is going to sound more complicated that it is.

In essence, I don’t seem to be able to filter a collection as I think I should be able to. I’ll explain.

  • My “internal user” view lists all clients
  • I cilck on a client to see a page for that client
  • This client page includes a number of collections, including one for “Actions”
  • If you click an Action you get a details popup with information about the action, but also a comment thread for comments relating to that action

The issue: I do not seem to be able to limit the comments to show only those relating to the action am viewing.

This works find in the clients view, but I think the extra level of “drill down” means I don’t have the right variable available in the filter options . I seem to only be able to select the comments table or what I think is the clients table. Not the action table.

(the Act Row field is also comments table )

I can output the row IDof the actions table on that screen fine. I just don’t seem to be able to use it in the filter.

Any thoughts?

Data stricture is:
Actions : Linked to Client on a ClientID field
Comments : Linked to Actions on Act Row

If you’re showing a screen on top of the Actions table, then you should be able to do that.

An alternative for you is building a relation in the Actions table, make it a multiple match, to the Comments table, and use that for your Collection.

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