Filter Collection by URL

I am currently porting an existing real estate web-site to Glide whose home page displays some images and buttons:

which link to a property listing page and and filters the existing properties by types e.g. Apartments or Villas.

Just wondering if this can be achieved with Glide by URL etc. or does one has to create separate pages for each property type.

Right now the only filter for this Collection is Status = Online.

Also, what would be the best to create the images and button, static or in a table?

Have not discovered you how to navigate inside my app beside Open Link and Go to Tab, which does not seem to work in this case.

My reflex in Glide is usually not to build static components like in a usual website builder, but to use collections instead. Not always nor everywhere of course, but generally.

In your case for instance, you have a table of Properties, presumably with a Type ‘Apartments/Villas’, and you could have a table of Types with at least two rows ‘Apartments’ and ‘Villas’. This would be akin to having things (properties) and categories (types). I would relate the tables, display the types in a collection and navigate to inline lists of properties on the detail screen of each type by clicking on the buttons.

That is how I would do it, but you can do it differently for sure.


Thanks for the quick reply.

I have Property Table and a Helper Table for Type, Location etc., all working fine.

Thing is that those Images are on the Home Page and the Property Collection is on a different Page.

Therefore my question is about going from Home Page to Property Page using something like URL or Session or ??? and Filter the Property Collection accordingly.

I just found this:

Construct URL | Glide Docs (

Not sure about the filter though!

Use a Custom Action that first sets a User Specific value somewhere, then navigates to the Property Page. Pull the User Specific value into the Property table as a Single Value, then use it as a filter on the Collection.

Thanks, I did not understand it in the beginning but got it working alright :slight_smile:.

Thing is that this way it uses 1 Row and 2 Updates per Button Click which might not be a perfect solution.

Any other suggestions?

PS I just created for this a Table called Filter with a Row ID and a Column called Type, I take it that Glide understands that the Type Column is user-specific and applies it to a Public User or just a Visitor, right?

I’m not too sure I understand why you would use a helper table here. I know using helper tables for dynamic filtering with a choice component or navigation works well technically, but really it doesn’t work well, because it doesn’t scale well with pricing plans. Until pricing changes, if possible, I would avoid helper tables for dynamic filtering and navigation.

Here, I would use two tables, one for categories (types), one for things (properties), and a relation between the two, it doesn’t get much simpler than that. And maybe I’m missing something and if so my apologies :pray:


I have a Home Page and a Property Page:

  • If Visitors click on the Apartment etc. Button on the Home Page it works fine,

  • But if they click on the Property Tab nothing is shown on the Property Page since the Filter is empty e.g. there is no Single Value present.

So you want to allow your users to navigate to the Property tab via two methods: the nav bar and the buttons?

If you think navigating via the nav bar isn’t necessary, you can hide a tab from the nav bar:

I need both, you can see the existing site here:

Home (

Th Home Page has no Properties, but one can click on a Button and it will take one the the related property page.

This site has actually 4 pages (Property Menu), one per property type but I would like to avoid creating 4 pages therefore the filter.

This is a test site for the new version:


PS am testing the solution form @Darren_Murphy on an unpublished site.

EDIT You can see it here:

Thing is that the filter seems kind of sluggish!

Also it seems that one can not clear the Filter at all.

You did this on Glide? That’s gorgeous.

Just added a Apartments Page in the Hope to hide the Property Page but it seems that there are no Actions for Pages alone eg. on loading.

Yes I did it, but with Duda, am trying to port it to Glide in order to create an CRM attached to the Properties. Cheers :slight_smile:

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I think you can trial it like this:

  • Add a helper table which contains all types of properties you have (Apartment, Villa, etc).

  • Add a query column to find properties to display (same type as this row’s type, status is active etc).

  • Build the home screen on top of your user profiles row.

  • Add single value columns that links to the correct row in the helper table. Say Single value > First > Helper table > Whole row to get Apartments, Single value > 1st from start > Helper table > Whole row to get Villas.

  • On your buttons, use Show detauls screen > Apartments Single Value etc to lead them to the right row and display the collection based on your query.