Tabs and storing data

Hi is there away of storing data from one tab to another with out it been delete from master tab?

Might need some more explanation of what you are trying to do. I’m not sure I understand.

In one tab I have deliverys that show a list Screenshot_20200421-062558_Samsung Internet|243x500 I want to be able to store in another tab. So when i delete the data out of deliverys i have a copy in another tab that I can delete as and when i need to. Cause at moment when I delete out of deliverys I cant store info in another tab iv tried and not sure if its possible

To manage an history, you can use a script based on the onchange trigger / insertion row. You copy the new line in the history tab, in the sheet used by the app or better, to avoid consuming rows, in an external sheet.

Is there a demo on that please?.



You can have a look at Google, search for : Google apps script onchange insertion row

Rather than a history, you could just mark a delivery completed with a column filled by a checkbox, switch, or some other method. Then just filter the completed orders from view in the app.

If you’re looking for a script, here is one I use to copy a newly inserted column from one sheet to other sheets.