Backup in another sheet

Is there any way to transfer the tab data from a spreadsheet used in the application to one that can be used by a person as a backup external to the application?
For example, pass the products sold with different data such as name, quantity and price of the product and the data of the buyer or data of an appointment.
The tab in the application could have the lines erased or not.

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Do you use Google Sheets or Glide Tables?

For your use case, do you mean that any new rows added to the main database must be added to the backup database as well, and if you delete a row in the main database, it should not be deleted in the backup database?

In that case, you must find a way to add rows to the backup database whenever a row is added to the main database. Let’s say using an automation service like Make/Integromat would be suitable.

As the application is in the data collection phase, it doesn’t matter if in Google Sheets or Glide Table. It will be the most suitable option.
Rows will be added to both worksheets or the external one by some action.
The option to feed the backup sheet does not have to be simultaneous with the application. Some action can be created as I mentioned earlier.
The main function of the topic is that the application will not be in the account of the owner of the trade, but of the developer who will provide, in addition to the usability of the application, a control, let’s say accounting.
As the process will not be automatic, it is not necessary to use, if possible of course, any automation service.

In view of what you would like, the friend does not have any instructions on how to do it?

There are some alternatives for you to choose.

If using Google Sheets, I think you can write a script that triggers on any new line added, and add all info from that line to a new sheet of your choice. Something like this.

Another way is to send the row’s info from Glide to Integromat/Make, then if it’s Google Sheets, have a Google Sheets - Add row module to add that info to a new row in the connected sheet.

If it’s Glide Tables, use the HTTP module to make a POST call to add the row. You must be on a Pro subscription to do this.

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Thank you @ThinhDinh.
No alternative I know how to do.
Thank you once again for your willingness to always help us.