Auto backups of the data editor

Is there a way to create an Action that backs up the database into a CSV file and then saves it to an external location such as Sharepoint or Dropbox? Trying to accomplish this 3x per week.

I see an app integration, but it’s unclear how to execute this.

Actions can only be triggered through user interaction.

I use Google Sheets for one of my apps and I have an automated Google script that runs weekly to duplicate the entire worksheet with a timestamp, so I have backups going back a few years directly in my Google Drive.

One option would be to use the Glide API and a third party service, such as Make/Zapier/Google Scripts to retrieve data through the API and save it somehow.

Another option would be to integrate an action into your existing flow in a way that a user would trigger it when doing something in your app, but it would only trigger the extra action a few times a week.

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What type of database does your application use or do you want to backup? A Google sheet?

All my data is in the Data Editor. I’m not using Google Sheets.

I see

Have you tried with this? :

I did see that. But I’m trying to have it so it automatically does it each day or so rather than have a user hit a button.

I didn’t see that in the video or any tutorials. Did I miss it?

the video is in the thread:

No, you didn’t miss it.
That tutorial is purely for a user initiated export. It’s also a bit redundant now, as we have a native CSV integration available (although it can still be useful in certain circumstances).

If you want something automated, that can’t be done (yet) with only Glide features or integrations. You need to turn to an external service such as Make or Zapier (as Jeff suggested).

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