How can I link Glide table to Google sheet

I deleted some row on glide table and but later I discovered I needed those information I deleted, but I couldn’t get it back. so now I want to link some important glide table to Google sheet so that when I delete a row and if need be I need to retrieve back the data I can get it from Google sheet.
The question is how can I link my existing glide table to Google sheet?

What you delete in Glide will also be deleted in Google Sheets.
To minimize this, you need to create regular backups using App Script.

You can’t link a Glide Table to a Google Sheet. They are separate data sources. You would have to recreate the table in a google sheet, link it to your app, and then replace every screen, relation, component, action that uses the glide table and switch it to use the google sheet table.


Thanks for this…but what is the best way for me to back up my data on glide table? i need some sort of back up so that when i delete a data and there is a need in the future probably for audit i can get it back

I agree, a global “backup app” button would be nice like in Webflow. But given the number of different input data sources (and difference between SQL and NoSQL databases), this is probably impossible to code.

Like @ThinhDinh stated here Who have the best tips for backups? - #4 by ThinhDinh, I think your best best is to query out all rows and save it into an external source (eg your MySql server, Google Sheets).

This implies access to Glide Tables API. Using Glide API | Glide Docs

2 fairly easy ways I can see to perform that: Using Js/any language custom code run on a serverless cheap server (like Cloudflare workers, AWS Lambda, virtually any host) at regular intervals, or use Make in no-code mode.

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As mentioned by @Jeff_Hager, you can recreate using a table source from G. Sheets. Simply use G. Sheets to store only sensitive data, not all tables. You can export data from the Glide table into a CSV file and import it into a new G. Sheets table. Create a new tab with data sourced from G. Sheets, and you just need to rebuild the relationships and all computed columns the same as you applied to the previous table.

For backup issues, all you need to do is set up a backup folder and copy a little script on the G. Spreadsheet side. This script will perform backups periodically and automatically according to a schedule you can define yourself.