Save data to new tab


i know this is basic but since i new to glide i need to ask.
how to forward a certain data in tab A to Tab B. for example from screen shoot below. i got name, email and phone number. when user click other tab i want those basic data appear at that tab. assume i have many users registered in tab A.

You can access all the data’s of your sheets in basically any tab of your app.

Let me explain you a bit more :arrow_down:

If for example on your sheet A, you have following details :

User **B**, Joined on **Date**, From **City**.

You can basically have those details under the my profile page, and also on order page.

To retrieve these details you can simply add action texts where automatically all related data’s will appear.

Have a read here :arrow_down:

Let us know if more help is needed !

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Oh Sheet !

Thanks @Rosewebstudio for your attention !

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if i can know where to find component action texts?

i did not see it.

Any chance you’re inside a form?

the only form i relate in component is open form.

is that the one? or have other option.


i manage to get from specials value component such as email, UID and time stamp.

how about other data i need such as name or contact number. from action value text wont get value from other tab in spreadsheet.

any advice?

You should find them in the screen data section or the user profiles data section. Just type in the column name when you press the “+” button.


at profile yes i can find it but how about other tab or not profile tab. for example booking system and it has different spreadsheet. how do i bring profile data for example ‘name’ to booking tab?

You would have to find a logic to connect the Sheets here to bring data over. As long as you find a logic you can create a relation/single column value to get the right data.