Select data from another tab

I am trying to select data from another tab on my Google spreadsheet but I don’t knon how to do…
I seems that I can only select data from my first tab
Could you please help and advise

Thanks in advance

Hi there.
We need you to be a bit more specific on what you’re trying to do. Since your question seems quite basic, I’d recommend starting an app with one of the existing templates to explore and see how it works or check out the youtube channel where they have some really good tutorials.

It will give you an initial understanding on how glide works and after you’ll be ready to develop your own app.

Did you add new tab that points to the second sheet?

Hi Sandro_Brito,
Thank you for the link, I will check :slight_smile:

Hi Jeff_Hager,
No I didn’t link it in Glide yet…