Tablet or Full Screen

in Tablet or Full screen mode,
I understood that the List, Compact, Tiles, Calendar, Map, Checklist & Card styles are displayed on the left of the screen and the Details style in the center.
It’s super convenient.
But is it possible to choose the left or center display for Tabs?
For example the Map style would be better in the center (larger map)
But also in some situation I would like to display a Details style on the left.

Well in my opinion it’s no, but hey I can always ask.

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I’m the only one who wants to do a tablet design or everyone is happy to see roughly the mobile format ?

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i love tablet design

At some point, I think, there will be a separate design for tablet and desktop versions.

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What we have is great for where we are. But I could not agree more, it would be amazing to have something a little more tailored and I think I have seen comments from Glide team indicating that this is coming!


At the moment I’m not asking for much.
Just to be able to choose by tab the display on the left or in the center.