Table Search field results not consistent

Hi all

I have weird behaviours with the SEARCH bar in table view.

Basically, I have a table of transactions and transaction numbers.

The numbers are either xxxxx where x = alphanumeric or yyyy-xxxxx

The weird behaviours are as follows

  1. Search returns both true and false results

  2. Sometimes when I copy paste the full number, nothing comes out but…

  3. if I type in the exact same number a character at a time, it comes out (and also have the problem with #1 above)

Thanks in advance

Thanks for reporting @dtks. I’ve tagged this for the team to review. :+1:

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Please ensure the field that you are searching has been added to the Details Screen of that row and then this should work. Including the value in the table alone (and not on the row’s Details screen) will give you the results you’re seeing above.

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Hi Kyle

I’m still new to this so I hope I understand you correctly.

By detail screen, you mean if i click in to see more information right?

Yes the data is already inside the detail screen.

So if you refer to my 2nd screenshot in the original post, you would see that A0695225 does not trigger anything if I pasted the whole number at a time, but works if I type in the string one character at a time.

This is the detail screen and you can see policy number just below the headline.

Try to ensure that there is no similar data (including computed data) in the table found in the search. I think the way search works involves it.

I understand the idea that if there’s same data, it will come up. My bigger problem though is why copy pasting the whole string doesn’t bring up the result, but typing in 1 character at a time does.

For me, the copy paste method is not a problem. Try testing the search with another column.