Tab visibility based on signed in user account level

I am trying to make a tab visible based on a signed in users “account” status (eg free VS paid) in the “user profile” table.

I have created a new table “workouts” and the tab source is pulling data from there perfectly. However I want to make it visible based on what is in the “account” column in a seperate “user profiles” table.

For example user A “account” is free. User B “account” is paid. I want to only show the “workouts” tab to users whose “account” is paid

On the tab settings > options > visibility I have tried
user profile > account is “paid”

I’m sure this is a simple fix I’m missing & maybe need a lookup or relation column on my “workouts” table but cannot figure it out.

Any help is appreciated!!!

you actually dont need to create any relation if you point on the right user profile table.
this table is always available with all his fields, then you can check any value on it.

to eventually get a better help you may send some screenshots or video

How are you currently populating whether an account is paid or not? Is it automated? Can you send some screenshots?

When the create an account they get “free” automatically under account.
& for paid I believe it is a Zapier integration with Stripe.
So when someone subscribes via stripe the email address gets duplicated and they get “Premium” auto populated next to their email under “account”.

So I want to create a 3rd account option which I will manually update for now to keep things simple. But want to look up if they have “prenatal” under account (in the profiles table) and then show them this new tab I’m creating. and not show the tab to anyone with “free” or “premium” under account.

Let me know if any other screenshots would be helpful?

Thanks so much

This sounds like a problem. Without knowing fully how your automation works, please check and make sure emails are not duplicated.

Sounds like you have it set up the right way. What’s not working?

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I want to set up a third account type and can’t work out how to filter the tab correctly. The tab data pulls from one table (to show the videos) and I want to filter who can see it based on the profiles table.

I didn’t set up the initial premium/free split so can’t work out how to do this for a new tab.

So effectively the filter needs to make sure a user is signed in & they have “prenatal” under the account column next to their name in the profiles table.

It might be really simple - but I can’t make it work…

The earlier screenshot that you posted only had one of those two conditions applied in the filter.
Have you tried it with both?
Can you show a screenshot with both conditions applied?

Did you check the capitalisation and spelling of the ‘paid’ or ‘free’. It has to match.

This is viewing as a user I have put “Prenatal” next to their name under account.

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 1.52.30 pm

ahhh seems to work when I remove duplicates!! thank you -sometimes just explaining it out & screenshotting works.

Thanks all

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Duplicate email addresses in your User Profiles table will inevitably get you into trouble. You should always avoid that.


What is the best way to avoid that? If people are to see both “free” and “prenatal” ?

Or should I have new columns account 1 account 2 account 3?

Or just make it a comma delimited list if you can automate it, then set your conditions to “Include” instead of “Is”.


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