Switching data source on "New table" from Sheets to bigquery

I have an app that I created using a Google sheets data source.
I recreated 1 table in BigQuery with exactly the same column names as the Google sheet.
My goal is to make a seamless switch, so when I replace the data source in the “New table” component, it will match the new data source columns and map them correctly to the existing table, without having to do this manually…

I tried but it didnt work…

On a side note, on the original Google sheet, I created all sorts of columns (on Glide end).


  1. If I recreate the columns for the new data source, will it work? (i.e does the structure has to be identical? for a seamless switch?)
  2. Is it possible to copy a glide column from one table to another, instead of manually re-creating them?


There’s more to a column than just the heading name you gave it. It has an underlying value that you don’t see so Glide can internally map it everywhere that it’s used in your app. This allows you to rename a column at any time, and every reference to it will still work seamlessly. Even if you create a second table that appears to be identical, it still has separate underlying column values that are unique to that new table.

No, you will have to re-create them manually. For many of the same reasons that I mentioned above, those column mappings would not be the same, so it would not work very well if you could copy and paste columns to another table.

Unfortunately it’s not a seamless process to switch data sources. You will need to create the new table, set up all of the columns you need, populate it with data, and update any other table columns, actions, and components that may refer to the old table. It’s not a direct drop in replacement of one table with another.


Thanks Jeff!

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