Switch from Google Sheets to BigTables


I have an app where I have an Orders spreadsheet. The source of the table is Google Sheets. The reason I was using Google Sheets was for backup. I can imagine that I would convert the table to BigTable (faster data writing) and make backups using some script.

My table has:
10 columns that are written to Google Sheets.
200 Glide columns (Relations, Lookup,…)
3000 rows

The Orders table serves as a data source for the other 10 tables.

Can you advise me on the best way to switch from Google Sheets to BigTables?

Thank you!

If you have that many calculated columns then it won’t be easy to switch over. You can export a CSV to be uploaded, I imagine, but then calculated columns won’t be transferred. You would have to do everything again from scratch, and also re-configure the related components.

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Is there a timeline for glide to catch up?

Catch up to what? :thinking:

like, when will be the calculated columns will be implemented to Big Tables?

Many computed columns are available in Big Tables, but certain ones, such as rollups are not available. The reason for that is because of the way Glide currently works. Currently, everything is computed on the client device, so all data needs to be available on the client device for rollups to work. With Big Tables, only small subsets of data are sent to a client device at one time, so all data may not be available at any one time for the client device to perform a rollup. Glide would need to modify their logic to perform some of those calculations server side against the entire big table database.