Migrating a Glide table to a Big Table

Reading up on Big Table migration (# Migrating from Regular to Big Tables - some tips & advice ) I will be migrating some Google sheet tables to Big Tables.

Then I have to move some Glide Tables (with loads of columns) to Big Tables.

My question to the experts and @NoCodeAndy is Glide working on a Glide to Big Table conversion?

As @Darren_Murphy points out - it is a LOT of work and I understand why Google sheet to Glide table is not really feasible. But really hoping Glide to Glide (Big) table conversion is something Glide engineering is working on.


We want to have a single Glide Tables experience.

We’re working towards that, and yes migration is part of the conversation, but I don’t have more details to share at the moment. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the update. Hopefully at or near the top-of-the-list.

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