Swiss revDSG/nDSG

Hi Gliders

I am appealing to all Swiss Glide users, if there are any out there, or any Developer/User with knowledge about this topic.

As you know, the new, annoying DSG (Data Protection Act) has been in effect since 01.09.2023. Can anyone from Switzerland or developers with Swiss clients, who has used or developed a Glide app with personal data in Switzerland, tell me whether using and offering Glide apps with servers in the USA is legal for Switzerland?

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Hi Tempi,

I have clients in Switzerland, Germany and France. I am not familiar with DSG (I probably should), though I am famliar with DGSV (GDPR in English, RGPD in French). I assume DSG is similar to DGSV?

As far as I understand GDPR, when we develop applications for clients with Glide, we aren’t really GDPR-compliant. My view is, however, that there is no such thing as being 100% GDPR-compliant. No company is. The spirit of GDPR is to try to comply as much as possible and to not cross the line on some non-negotiables.

My view is irrelevant though. So up to you and your client to decide where in the grey area you stand if you develop for your clients on Glide.

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Dear Nathanael,

Thank you for your response; I really appreciate it. I’m pleased to learn that there are other Swiss Glide users out there. I’m curious about the types of apps you’ve developed for Swiss companies. Are they public/private apps, or are they more internal, which is what I presume, given the Swiss mindset is quite stringent in terms of data governance?

For clarification, we are utilizing Glide as an ERP and a self-service customer portal. We do not develop apps with Glide for other clients. Our clients can now access their recycling quotas and all delivered wastes digitally. All processes are now complementary and digital, from logistics to manufacturing. We are even embarking on an IoT project soon to get machine values on Glide. Glide is truly magical, as is the community. It is disappointing that they do not offer data processing in the EU through GCP as well. The Swiss DSG is almost identical to the EU GDPR, with only a few differences. I concur that achieving 100% DSG compliance is nearly impossible.

I hope to find a straightforward solution here to circumvent the nDSG, and if any Swiss developer or company is using Glide as a proprietary ERP, any specific knowledge would be appreciated.

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You assumption is correct. Internal only.

If being strictly GDPR-compliant were a thing, we’d all have to only work with the leading US tech companies (ironically that would be Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Salesforce and a few dozen others) or with nearly non-existant EU-based tech solutions that usually lag behind their US counterparts (do we even have a company in the EU that offers a decent office solution with basic email and calendar?).

I wouldn’t try to circumvent anything, but would play within the rules that everyone knows are grey.