Swipe size?


trying to get a swipe to work but having a problem with the size. The image is cut off in the editor and on the device elements (comments) under the image are not all shown. Is the size of a swipe a fixed value?



Nupe. But just so I understand better, please can you send a screenshot or a Loom video?

and on my mobile I can not scroll down to “add comment” (Kommentar hinzufügen)

That doesn’t look right. Let’s have one of our talented support team take a look at this for you. Please raise a ticket here.

If the image problem is not fixed with the title component, I assume you can use the image component as a temporary fix. It has more sizes to choose from, and can detect the face to “crop” the image to.


Another trick that I like to use a lot, is to create a multiple relation that links the row back to itself. Then you can use an inline list with a tile or card style, which gives you a lot more options for displaying an image. I actually prefer this over using a title or image component.