Swipe - 2 different records on 1 card?

Hi there, I’m a glide newbie, but enjoying it.

I am attempting to make a simple app called “This Meets That” with Swipe functionality. On the cards I’d like to show a combination of a successful startup and brand.
This simple page explains the concept.
This Meets That website

What isn’t clear is how you can pull from 2 different records on 2 different tables and have it merge on to a single card. It appears to be designed to only place content from 1 table and 1 record onto a single card.

Thank you,

May we know why do you need to pull from 2 different tables? Is there a relation between them?

Thanks @ThinhDinh

Well I’m trying to create this simple tool that serves up random combinations of startups and brands, learn more here - https://yep.so/p/this-meets-that

I’ll like to pull the one logo from 1 record and the other logo from a 2nd record.

Here is a screenshot of how I’d like it to look.