Database relations- get info from another table than the source table

Hey guys, i have a simple question, but couldnt find the answer… it puzzles me !!

I am making this app for 10 classes I have. I all theach them the same class that has 5 parts in it. In this app, amongst other things, i want them to find their schedule for the class.

Here is how I organized the Data in Google Sheet :

Tab “class_schedule” with :
Class1 - part_1 - date…
Class1 - part_2 - date
Class2 - part_1 - date…
Class2 - part-2- date…
Class10 - part-4- date…
Class10 - part-5- date…
And so on for all classes with 5 parts

Table “class_description” with all parts explained with text and image :
part_1 - title - description - image
part_2 - title - description - image

part_5 - title - description - image

In the app, i have a tab called “your schedule” sourced on the tab “class_schedule” that displays the 5 parts of the class of the users with dates. Style used is “Cards” style.

Here is what i want and what i cannot manage to to :

  1. on my tab, i need each “Card” to have the image of the classe part. But this image is not on the source tab “class_schedule” but on the tab “class_description”. I have created relations between the two tables, but cannot manage to make the link and find the image
  2. when i click on a card, i want to have a detail of the class : image, title, description, but same problem, i can only give the info found in the source Tab “class_schedule” which is date…

I went through all the relational document, but could’nt find my way through. I could still complete my “class_schedule” tab with all the info for each part of the class, but it wouldnt really be proper, data architecture considered…

Does anyone know how to make this links with 2 tabs, and from on tab access to the other infos in another tab ?

Thank you for your help !!

If you’ve setup this relation correctly, you should be able to use Lookup columns to fetch the image and whatever other information that you need.

If that doesn’t work, could you provide a couple of screenshots from the Glide Data Editor that show your table structure, as well as the configuration of your relation column.


Hello Darren, this was an easy one :wink: thank you for your quick answer, it works really fine !

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