Survey app with Row owner


I wanted to create a survey app where the audience get the app url. They have then to log in and pick their address so that the app can automatically relate the address and the additional data (to procect his answers from other users).
As I am quite new I don’t know if this is possible and how to do it.
When I enable the “role owner” on a particular column, there is a login screen where you have to provide your email and then the code. I wish to have him then selecting from a selection of addresses his own one so that the system then fills in the “row owner” column and I have a cretain security of the sheet.
Any ideas

Thanks for any input,

Sorry if I understand this wrong but with row owner, only the data of your signed in user is downloaded to their app. They don’t have to take another step of adding an address to verify because the email should be enough.

Thanks for your info.

I have the whole process somewhat re-arranged and my requirements are not fulfilled

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