Assigning a user email column before user logs in (row owner)

Hi, our app has optional sign in. We collect form data from those who aren’t signed in (including an email address).

Each form they fill out, with their email address, is essentially an order.

  • Some users we fill out the forms for them, they may have hundreds of order rows. But we still want their email associated with the order, and for no one else to see (whether logged in or not).

If a user then decides to create an account so they can see all of their order history we want it to show orders only to them by using the row owner function.

My question is, if my table that holds the form data has the “user email” column set as the row owner does this still hide the data from other users, even though someone may not have signed in yet? (So aren’t in our user list). AND can we automatically add them to the user list as a part of the action, so that their data is held there long term?

Thank you for your help

Row owners does not rely on a user profile row existing. Row Owners applies the same to the table with or without a user row. If the signed in user is not the owner of the row, then they will not have access to the data. It’s pretty straightforward.


Ok perfecto, essentially I just want to know that I can create row owners in advance of them being a user. Happy to hear I can :slight_smile: thanks for your reply

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