Surfacing a public user profile within that user's generated content

I’ve tied my brain in a knot trying to figure this one out, and I’m almost sure there’s a simple way to accomplish it. Looking for fresh thoughts to help me out/blow my mind!

The scenario:
• I’m a user looking through other user’s generated content (think scrolling through an instagram feed)
• I’d like to see a shortcut to the creator’s public profile page within the details of their content.

How I’d like to display that shortcut:
A simple photo, name, and abbreviated “about” section (probably a “list” embedded in the content details) that, when clicked, directs to a detailed user profile.

How I currently have my data setup:
One tab has all of the user generated content + the login email associated with that content
One tab has all of the user info (including the login email)

I’ve attempted to use email to correlate info in the user profile with content in the user generated content tab, and multiple front-end filter/view configurations, but I keep coming up short. I’ll see EVERYONE’s profile, or I’ll see MY profile associated with everyone’s content. I’m so close, but just can’t quite get it right…

Just create a relation column linking the feed sheet to the email in the profile sheet. Then add an inline list to the feed content details page. This will show the creators profile that you can click through to view.

Hey, thanks. That was my line of thinking as well, but for some reason, I’m having issues filtering the appropriate data on the front end. My problem is either with how I setup that relation or how I’m filtering on the frontend.


Pulling data from the user tab:

List view shows EVERY profile:

I’ve tried multiple filtering configurations, but can’t seem to nail it. I have a feeling that this is where my problem is:

You’re not using the relation for your list. Change the source of the inline list to the relation. Also make sure the relation is on the feed sheet, not the profile sheet. I can’t tell for sure from your screenshots. Remember, relations go From the data you are viewing To the data you want to view.

You shouldn’t need any filtering or visibility settings to do this.

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Bingo! Thank you, Jeff!

I have a “my plants” tab with all items added by users, and a “community plants” tab that filters only those items that users would like to be public. My problem was I correlated the “user” tab with the “my plants” instead of with the “community plants” and, therefore, the relation wasn’t even showing as an option. I previously chose “user” since this is the tab where the data and relation existed.

I fixed that, pointed at the relation, and it’s looking good!


Love the look of that app :smile: It’s greenness makes me fall in love.

Haha, thanks! Feel free to play around (clearly it’s still a WIP)!

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