Support for 3D file format - USDZ

I’d like to suggest support for the mobile 3D file format called USDZ, which has been adopted by Apple as their format for Augmented Reality (AR) applications.

Use case:
A technician uses their iPhone with the Polycam app to 3D scan a space or an object. Polycam exports the file in USDZ format. The technician opens the Glide App, and uploads the 3D model using the File Picker component. Later the technician reviews the model by browsing the Glide database and is able to open the 3D model natively on their device by clicking directly on the USDZ link.

Workarounds today
Since USDZ is not in the list of currently supported formats for the File Picker, a possible workaround would be to upload the 3D file on a third party site, or get the link from the originating 3D app and use their viewer. Both options are not optimal, thus the suggestion to extend support to this new format. Thanks!