Super Simple Sign-up App with limited time slots

Here’s a super simple app I made for staff to sign up for training. Due to ‘social distancing’ each time slot can only accommodate up to 5 people, so I used a Rollup to prevent booking once that number of people sign up.

I hope this app helps others understand the Rollup function — it took me some time to wrap my head around it, but the way I’ve used it in this app works exactly how I need it to. The app is available to copy and is based off @Jeff_Hager’s and @Robert_Petitto’s previous work on bookings and rollups.

FYI - I also created an Admin version of this app where the trainer has a list of people who signed up and can easily mark the training as completed (per sign-up) once it’s over.


Works nicely! I’d include another tab for “my bookings”…perhaps even as the homepage? If I were to use this app (and I just might!), I’d want to see at a glance upon opening when my booking is.

Wow, nice job. I’ve been thinking (not too hard) about something like this for our time off at work. We have a limited number of slots available daily and this could solve it. I do agree with @Robert_Petitto about the “my bookings” feature. Folks need to be able to keep track of their own.

Yup that’s definitely a good idea. This app is just a public app so that users don’t have to sign-in or go through that whole process, so I can’t track a person’s submissions. I used this as the template for another similar app and in there I have a “My Bookings” tab that is filtered by signed-in user.

Since it’s a public app and people don’t need to sign in, I still needed a way to show users that their submission was recorded, so the calendar below the form just shows everyone who has signed up… so the user can see their entry right away and know that their booking was submitted properly.