Booking unique slot

Hii all,
i have ause case where we have two roles coach & candidate if a coach books a driving range for a particular time any other shouldnโ€™t be able to book that drivingrange for that particular time same is with the candidate how can I implement this please let me know

See Marcoโ€™s (@Loqode) tutorial.

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Hi, nathanaelb!
You pointing great tutorial but where it real overbooking free?

I donโ€™t understand what you mean by โ€œwhere it real overbooking freeโ€.

Feel free to reach out to Marco or tag him in the forum if you have questions about his tutorial.

I allready asked him, but Marco is offline for now.
After all, all changes occur on the userโ€™s side and there is a possibility of booking the same slots, despite the verification?

If the Advanced Booking App Tutorial is challenging to follow, maybe you could try Marcoโ€™s Simple Booking App Tutorial.

Go over them slowly and methodically until you understand what he is doing and can replicate in your app as needed. Good luck with both tutorials.

Thank you very much! I will study

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So, i see it was past year. There no solution to prevent overbooking in case is implementing user side. All another reasons is fully complete.

Hi, tried the Simple Booking App please reffer to the screenshots though the array contains the date and time same as full selection the taken checkbox is not checked because of that I am able
to Book the same slot many times what can I do to correct this

Hi @nathanaelb ,
I tried simple booking app, but the taken column is not being affected though the duplicate slots are being created, how can resolve this double booking issue?

The simple and advanced tutorials and Marco will be of greater help than I could ever be.

You should reply in Marcoโ€™s thread. He might be able to give some guidance/adjustments.

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@ThinhDinh Sure Thank you