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Not sure if I am missing something here, bit is it possible to set one user to be a super admin who can edit across all users row in a spreadsheet ?


What is the difference between super admin and normal admin in your case?

Anything is possible when you have 1 or more columns to label your users with different permission levels.

I use a Boolean admin column and set visibility based on of admin is TRUE.

Lesser permissions can be set if a certain column is not empty or contains a certain label. The possibilities are infinite.

I use several columns for different types of admins. “IsAdmin” or “IsEditor” for example. Then use a combination of visibility conditions and ORs to allow editing based on multiple types of roles.

Thanks for the replies. I think I understand re cols and rows (but maybe not). So I have 40 players all with the status of “player” and 1 admin (me) set as “admin” in my sheet. I then have been setting “email as signed in user” is my admin email. I was then hoping to be able to edit any of the 40 players, however I can only add my own record? There has to be something that I am not getting right here?


Firstly, you don’t need to allow editing when email is signed-in user. If that record you’re viewing belongs to another user then they will be able to edit it as well, which is something I don’t know if you want or not. If you intend to let them edit as well, leave it there.

Secondly, make sure your Status is set via the email dropdown using a user profiles setup.

Finally, you must have a list of records and enable edit inside the details view of each player.

thanks for the quick reply ThinhDinh.

Yes do want the players to be able to edit there own records which is set up via a details layout.

I think its the user profiles set up that I am not understanding I have the sheet set up as per the image, with records, have I miss understood what user profiles are supposed to be?

then make it if email is signed in user or user status is super admin
(you used and)

You set it up the right way, but have you enabled user profiles for the app?

holly smoke I had not picked up on how to set up the user-profiles! Thank you for the enlightenment :slight_smile:

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