Summarizing a range of numbers

My users will have a number entry field where they must enter a number between 8 - 45, I then want to to summarize the quantity of entries between 8 - 30 and 30 - 40. So that the number of entries between the two ranges are displayed. EG: 15 are between 8 - 30

I can see that someone asked a similar question and the solution is to use an If-Then-Else-If column but seems to require the results to populate different columns, although I could be wrong.

I’ll be glad of any help and suggestions

That how I would do it. Create separate IF columns for each range that you want to check. You could have the IF column return 1/0 or true/false. Then a couple of Rollup columns can Sum or Count the 1’s or true’s for each range.

Finally a template column can join those Rollup value with any additional verbiage.

I haven’t done the roll up yet, but does this look right? Seems as though I’ve done something wrong

Sorry, I meant to say I haven’t made the template column yet

Seems correct to me. What doesn’t look correct to you?

It just seems odd to have all rows with the same result

Because I end up with this

What are you expecting to see? Your collection doesn’t appear to be filtered in any way, so yes, it’s going to show the same results on each row.

Hard to say what exactly you need to do. That depends on your end goal and what you want to see on the screen. Once I know that, then I can give you advice.

I think I’ve cracked it, the ‘Totals’ looks weird which comes from the ‘THEN’ section in the If-Then-Else-If column and requires the field to be populated with something, but I’ll decide later what to do with that
Many thanks