Sum of column and display that number using progress bar

Hello Glide experts,

In my app, I have created user entry for experience point and I am storing it in a column. I want to add couple features but don’t know how. One is I want to give users choice of selection of experience point from 5, 10 or 20 ( rather than currently they have to enter number). Once they choose number, I want to store it in the column of google sheet. As and when experience point are added, I want to display sum of all experience point in progress bar in app.

Appreciate your support and suggestions…


You can store the choice values in a column in a separate sheet, I usually have a “Choices” sheet for this.

You can write back that choice to your sheet, ideally when you ask them to submit their information when they log in the first time.

For a progress bar, as long as you have a max value, you can display the user’s progress bar in a “Profile” tab that points to your “Profiles” sheet and filter by email is signed-in user.

Thanks ThinhDinh. Your suggestion is getting me halfway there. What I am missing is how to sum the experience points (or increment them). Because when user does some action in my app that earns points, I am going to write the point in choice column. Now for example, if User had 50 points until yesterday and today user got 20 points then total points should change to 70 and app should display 70 points now. Any suggestions?


Where do you store the action’s points? In a separate sheet, row by row or do you have another set up?

Currently it is stored in same sheet, in a column. Every user action is stored in row so points will appear in row 1 cell of that column for action 1, For action 2, it will appear in row 2 cell of that column. Since each action may have different points, I need to increment total points when new points show up and display total points. Thanks for your support.


I imagine you can keep most of the current setup, the little changes should be:

  • Have a fixed points for each action, which you have in separate rows.

  • Store the boolean value that tells us if signed-in user has completed the action or not, in a user-specific column.

  • Make an If > Then > Else column, if boolean is True then fixed points, else 0.

In the profiles sheet, make a rollup column on that If > Then > Else column I said above (if it doesn’t let you choose, then make a further math column, simply point it to the ITE column to convert it to a numerical value). Choose the action on the rollup column to be sum.

Then make a math column in the profiles sheet, summing up the original point and the added points.

Thank you so much. Your suggestions worked for me. Appreciate very much.

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