Succipe 🐷 The recipe for financial success! [UPDATED]

Neither have I :joy:

Inline list with Card style

No image
What’s in pink is Header
Description is Details

oh, maybe it was a temporary ping pong effect. While the app was opened, it reverted to the onboarding language selection and then back to the primary Succipe tab.

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This may have been me. You are allowing editing on the notification and I had cleared out the dates.

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LOL, got it…so it was twice :rofl:


@Lucas_Pires I’m not sure at this point if you do or do not have what you feel is a bug. Since the app is live and other people are apparently able to make changes fixing anything would be like hitting a moving target.

If you send a support link to and fully describe there the issue I can take a look and if it’s something that needs engineering to take a look at I can move it up the line. As far as I can tell from the discussions the only issue you are having is the Placeholder in the Text and Number component. If that is the case make sure to point us in the right place in the app so we can have a look.


Yeah, this point I figured it out. Thanks

Sent you an email there

dude, you’re fantastic!! Great job!

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Thank you so much @eltintero! :facepunch: :grin:

Absolutely ‘criminal’ to make a beautiful app like this.

Congratulations, Lucas.


Hahahah lmao :rofl:
So we’re all ‘murderer’ lol thank you, appreciate!

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  • Now you can review the Preparation Mode anytime

  • Now there are some pre-defined options to you choose when you’ll add a record, or add your own title


Now easy, smooth & tasty :yum:


@Mark I noticed in my phone this pinky shadow appears, you know why?

iPhone 7
iOS 14.3




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I launched an amazing update! :tada:

:point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2:
Click above and you will be redirected to the update.


I’m late to the party…

No css??? What a beautiful native Glide app. :hushed::confounded::exploding_head:

Further features possibly of interest:

  • Simple: Allow the user to set his own percentages for the ingredients? (if this is already available, my apologies I didn’t see it)
  • More advanced: Allow the user the define both absolute amounts and percentages for the ingredients, with the allocation done in a certain order, and possibly the left over being added to an ingredient of choice?