Subtracting two times

I am creating a car racing game app, where I have a user car and a app generated car. When the Start button is clicked, the current date time is set in a column Start Time. After the user car reaches the end line, the current date time is set again in another column My End Time.

The computer car is a gif which will have a fixed duration Computer Car Duration for reaching the finishing point.

So, I want to compare (My End Time - Start Time) with (Computer Car Duration) and decide who is the winner.

Though, I see the current time getting set in the My End Time and start Time, the value of My End Time - Start Time is showing as zero and not the duration in seconds, and therefore I am winning all the time, though if the duration is measured, it would show the actual winner. Both the time columns are set to Time Only with seconds.

Any idea why? Is subtraction only measured in terms of days?

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Got it, I multiplied the (My End time - Start Time) with 86400 to get the duration in seconds.