Calculer le nombre d heure entre deux horaires

Hi i want to calcul the number hour between two hour exempl day 15 April at 14h00 and 16April at 11h00.thanks

You can use a Math column with the formula End - Start.
This will give you a duration in the format HH:MM:SS

If you only want hours, then you could instead use the following formula: Trunc((End - Start)*24)

Hi, it s not good look

normaly the good answer is 7h00

Check your formula replacements. It looks like you have the Start and End reversed.

Yes i check but it s the something’s with that-

In your last screen shot the result is -17 hours. This suggests that your formula is “Arrive - Depart”. It should be the other way around. ie. “Depart - Arrive”.

Ton heure d’arrivée 5h est avant ton heure de départ 22h puisque c’est le même jour 16 mai. C’est pour cette raison que tu as -17h.
@Darren_Murphy the arrival date is before the departure date :wink:


Time travel!

Ok now its ok but i want to convertir day hour in minutes for example. 72:00:00 in minute before 24hours it s good but after it s not good