How to calculate hours worked from Start time and End time

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How do I calculate the number of hours worked from the clock out time and and the Clock in time. I thought it would be straight forward using the math column but I don’t like the answer I get.
For example for a time period between 07:00 AM and 12:30 AM I get a result of 6:30 which I assume is hours but I am not sure. Any suggestions how I go about this?

Subtracting one date/time from another will give you a duration in hh:mm:ss.

You just need to ensure both your start and end columns are correctly configured as date/time types, and keep in mind that the underlying value will always include a date - even if you have it configured to display time only.

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Hi Darren,

Thanks for your speedy response. I would have expected the same thing you are saying above but i seem to get difference result unless i am missing something


This is how the math column is configured as below



i think i know what the problem is, I just saw that my clock out time is actually before my clock in time (Lol) due to the AM…It should have been PM…
My apologies for this silly moment. I should step away from my device now…

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If you can teach me how to work negative hours in a day, I’m all for learning that technique. :wink:


:see_no_evil::see_no_evil:…If only the 2 world’s could meet. The virtual and the real world :joy::joy:

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