Calculate time from duration

Is it possibe to calculate duration by subtracting the start time from the end time, I saw how to use the math column to subtract duration from a start time to get end time on this thread (How to calculate hours worked from Start time and End time) and that works but not vice versa.

If I use the math column for the reverse caIculation, the answer is blank. I would what the answer returned to be in the form of HH:MM:SS. Thanks in advance for your assitance

That’s exactly what End - Start will give you in a Math column.
If that’s not what you get, please show a screen shot of the columns from the Data Editor.

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Maybe failing to configure the format of the duration column such that I am not getting the accurate date and time as I should. Rather I want to get time when I add duration to start time. I didnt explain well at first. An example would be; a speech starts at 12noon, the speech is intended to last for 00:15:00 then next segment should start at 1215hrs.

I’m confused. What exactly are you trying to do?

my apoligoies, didnt explain it well at first. I want end time by adding duration to start time

Okay, so Start + Duration should work.

So your end is a math column? How would i achieve that, i would want to populate that end time column from a form submission

Yes, exactly the same as yours.

Note that the duration shown in your earlier screen shot is 14400:00:00
That’s 14,400 hours, which is 600 days.
So the result you are getting is correct.

Which values are you collecting in the form?
I assume Start Time and Duration?
If that’s the case, your math column should calculate the End Time as each row is added.

Yes…those are the columns exatly

yes…now this is for event program so a typical segment duration is in minutes…so i shoul create a math column to divide the input of duration?

Okay, you might be better off taking a different approach, because the Duration column takes days as input and converts it to HH:MM:SS. So for example, to enter 25 minutes your user would need to enter 0.0173611 (25/1440), which is not very practical.

I would suggest instead collect the duration in minutes in a Number column, and then use that to calculate the End Time using Start + Duration/1440

it worked!
many thanks

Now would it be possible to convert the outcome to a time only value in a different column?

In which format?

HH:MM:SS format

Assuming that the user is entering a duration in minutes, use a math column to convert that to seconds (multiply by 60), and then pass that value to a Format Duration column.

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You mean the duration? its in date and time format so when i multiple with 60 the math is not working

I thought you were using a Number column to capture the Duration in minutes?
That’s the column that should be multiplied by 60.

Yes but what needs conversion is the actual date and time to time only (HH:MM:SS)