Difference of End - Start Dates Differ in 2 Column

Dear Community,

We noticed there are differences in the computed values when we deduct 2 dates column (similar columns) for both EC Calc & cal_No.of Years.

Notice the above EC Calc, the value shown is X years. The value in cal_No_EC_Years is in decimal.

Both the start and end dates are Date Only - Medium.

To subtract one date from another and get a result in decimal years, you need to use the following:


Got it…

But in my screenshot above, Notice the ROund wasn’t in both the screenshots, and yet the first column has a “years”

Isn’t that just the display units that you’ve set in the math column?

The left column has a “years” showing.

Yes, and I assume that’s because it’s what you have set as the display units?

You showed the EC_Calc configuration twice. How did you set up cal_No_EC_Years?

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