Subsequent to delivering the App. .

After delivering an App to a client, and receiving the payment for developing the App, what is the future process for maintaining the App? Some of my concerns:

Is the client expected to acquire their Glide account for the App or does it stay in my account?

Is the client charged a retainer per month to maintain the App?

Do the services, i.e. the usage services under each Glide price plan, pertain to each App or for all Apps?

Also, how can I send these types of concerns directly to Glide Support?

I am trying to get a feel for ongoing requirements and services for the App, and what fees should be considered for its use. Thanks.

That’s up to you. It can work both ways, but generally it’s recommended that each client purchase their own Glide plan. But again, it really depends on how you want to structure your services.

Again, completely up to you. But this is a common practice, yes.

Glide charges are per team.

These are not really questions for Glide Support.

Thanks, Darren. Would you elaborate more on “Glide charges are per team”?

When you purchase a plan, it’s a plan that applies to the entire the team folder and the apps inside. With the exception of Row counts which apply to each app individually, most other plan limits apply to the team as a whole. Storage, Updates, Users, etc, all apply to the usage within the entire team across all apps in that team.