Submit button not working

HI Guys 24hrs later no help with the bug on IOS

The submit button remains grey even when data is correct and user can’t submit on IOS please help

Have you emailed Glide support directly?

Are you sure there are no empty, REQUIRED fields?

All is full it’s only doing this on APPLE devices

sorry wrong image


EVerything is complete


Just a guess… maybe it doesn’t like the “+” in the number field on iOS? Is the phone number entry a number entry? Maybe iOS sees the + differently from Android.

Try removing the + and see if it works. If it does, create a template to add it to the phone numbers and ask users to NOT include the + when they enter their phone number.

Is the + sign a valid character for the phone entry component?

I would try a variety of data (number, letters, symbols) in all of your required fields to try to narrow down if it’s a specific string of text that is causing the problem. Or if you can share a link to your app so other users can try it out, that might help.