Sometimes Add Row isn't Populating All Data

It appears that for a small percentage of my users, Add Row inside of an action isn’t populating the correct data. Everything seems to be submitted correctly except that one value stored in a User-Specific column isn’t being added.

Another odd thing is that once the user has submitted and there is a record available, the app also will not let them update the new record to correct the missing value.

I’m clearing the User-Specific column at the end of the action; could that be causing a problem for some, but not most?

Any idea if something is wrong in my setup or if this is a bug that needs to be reported?

*Edit: Something that makes me think it may be a bug is that I’ve troubleshooted with 2 users so far and with one, I logged in on their account with my phone, and it works correctly on my phone on their account, but not on their phone or their husbands phone which is also an iPhone SE.

One user has an iPhone SE running 16.1.2 and the other has an iPhone XR running 16.1.1. Both users are experiencing the exact same behavior.*

User Entry Point:

Action Setup:

Data Set (notice missing “# of Steps” value for a few):

A screenshot from a user who is trying to edit their row (notice “Done” button is unavailable even though they have entered the “# of Steps” where it was previously blank):

If possible, I would clear the field on the way into the screen instead of on submission.

Is that a number entry or a text entry component? Kind of surprised to see a comma in the entry component. I would not expect to see that if it’s a number entry. I suspect the comma is causing an issue.

I can’t clear the value initially because that entry is on the profile page, not inside of a separate screen with a button press.

It’s a number entry field. I just did testing with the comma and I think that’s the issue. Is there a way to not allow commas with validation? I’ve setup different types of validation before, but haven’t tried it with that use case specifically.

adding commas will make it a text, so if you have column formated as number, it will show empty cell

Yeah, that’s what’s happening.

I’ve been searching around the forum for how to handle the validation. Doesn’t appear there’s a great way to prevent users from entering non-numbers with a native solution in Glide? Or am I missing one that would work well for this use case?

how do you enter that number… using text or number entry?

In both places it’s a number entry field. I believe it needs to stay that way because I’m doing roll-ups on the columns to Sum the values?

number entry, should not allow entering any letters, or comas… do you convert that entry to text somewhere? like using a template column?

Maybe I’m mistaken. Let me make sure I chose the correct entry field types.

I just verified they are both set correctly as number entry fields.

What is the validation that prevents anything else from being entered? Is Glide supposed to prevent that automatically somehow? It doesn’t let the user save the edit on the update screen, but the user has no way of knowing why.

hard to tell, without seeing your app, there must be some little miss-step…on the image, I see your number with a comma… how is that possible? Are you sure is this a number entry?

i can’t enter comas:

I do display it as action text after the fact. Does that mess it up?

It’s definitely initially a number entry field.

this is an image that don’t look right to me

This screenshot is kind of ridiculous because I’m using the Glide editor on my phone in bed haha. But I believe you can tell from it that it’s set as a number entry field on the screen you’re referencing.

At this point in the process for the user though, they have already entered the data incorrectly with a comma at the first entry point, which has maybe already converted the entry to text?

try to delete it, and add it again… check if you can enter comma

Okay, I’ll grab my computer and report back in a few mins.

ok… if you can add a comma in a number entry, then it is a bug, and you need to report that… I just try to enter on my cell… not possible. so is only on your app… unless your cellphone has some bug in the OS… :wink:

I tried to double check everything. I don’t see where the issue would be. Here’s a screenshot of the Glide editor and of what it looks like on my phone. Do you see anything setup incorrectly?

do you see arrows when clicking that entry?

from the image of your cellphone, clearly show that is a text entry… it should show only digit keyboard

Arrows on my phone? No. It’s just the regular keyboard that comes up. I’m using an iPhone 13 mini running iOS 16.2.

But it does appear I have it setup correctly in the Glide backend right?