Submit button missing for pages form on mobile

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Describe the bug:
When on a small screen/mobile, the submit/cancel buttons are missing for forms. I suspect they’re being covered up by the presence of navigation icons. This only occurs when there are multiple tabs available to the user.

Expected Behaviour:
They should be there always. Maybe tab navigation icons should disappear while in a form screen?

How to replicate:
Open a form on mobile when there is more than one tab available to the user.



Yes, that’s how it works for mobile apps. Probably an oversight on the pages for mobile.

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I will report this to the team. Thanks for letting us know!


@ThinhDinh Thanks for reporting.

It’s quite urgent because it is preventing our users from editing their data. They could do easily prior to this update.

Please fix this problem ! A workaround is to ask users to switch to landscape mode on their phone but it’s quite akward.

The team is aware of the problem. I will try to update you when I have more information.


Thanks for flagging! This will be fixed soon.


I noticed this has been fixed. Thanks!


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