Stripe Payment Link API

Has anyone been able to use the Stripe payment links API with glide to create payment links on demand?

I want to determine a price based on a number of factors, and either:
a: a payment link with this price already exists, and it opens the link
or b: a price doesn’t exist, the payment link is created via api, and it opens the link

I had a set up similar in google apps script. Wondering if its possible in Glide

I use a different way around it.

I don’t use Stripe payment links at all. Instead, I generate a session and apply the discount that’s stored in the user profile (a tier discount of sorts). Then I show a screen to the customer with the “pay” button that links to the hosted checkout in Stripe for the session I generated.

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Yes, I find that Stripe checkout session is more flexible and easy to use than Stripe payment links.

I did use it in one of my old projects, but my use case was a bit different. I only generate a link after a contract was signed, so I utilized some modules in Make to do it.

In my case, I generate products first, then finally create the link.

I think in your case, you can add a helper table where you store all the generated links, alongside their product specifications. If the user’s inputs match, you show the already generated link, else you generate a new one using either Call API/Make.

Could you give an example of how to set this up? I have payment links working, but I do not like that I cannot redirect back to a confirmation page and I think Stripe Checkout may be the way to go; I just do not know how to set it up. Thank you!