Strange users emails ?


I d’ont know why my users have all this kind of email addresses :

Someone knows ?




Thanks a lot ! Damned so the users that registered until now have this kind of email and I can’t tell them to give me the real one :confused:


You can turn it off in settings


How to change it in settings ? Do we have to pay now for that ?


Email Anonymization - Glide Library


You have to change the checkbox in app settings, privacy tab

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Thanks Rosewebstudio and Sheme34, it works now fine again ! :+1: Now the question is how to retrieve original email address of the few users having as logged email log-in ???

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I would like to know how to revert as well, and when you change back to collect original email addresses, will that make it a new line in the user profiles?

As far as I know, the app will still work correctly, even if the anonymous email option is turned off and you still have a few anonymous emails in the data. That is still tracked internally within Glide, so it shouldn’t break anything. I don’t think there is a way to obtain the real email address for those few users without asking them for it and manually replacing it in your data.

Like I said, everything should still work as far as glide functionality, but the only problem would be if you were displaying those emails addresses in the app, or using them to send emails to the user’s. In that case, I don’t have a good solution other than asking for email addresses and replacing the email in the data.


Thanks Jeff, but how to ask when anonymous emails is virtual and there is no other data (firstname, etc) to identify users ?

You could possibly get a little bit sneaky, and create a single use screen that only gets presented to those users the next time they sign in. Something along the lines of:

“Hey, welcome back! Can we please re-confirm your email address…”

Could even make it a nag screen (if signed-in user includes anonymous.appuser), so that they get it every time they login, and it only goes away once they provide their real email address.

Or something like that…


Yeah, that’s the tricky part. I think @Darren_Murphy has a good suggestion above.


That can get fishy when users are logging in with google

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